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An act of giving is an act of kindness that could change a person’s life for the better. We are a for-profit organization that buys and sells donated clothing, shoes, accessories, homeware, toys, and more from other organizations like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. All of the donations sold to us are then sold to companies in countries in need. People in countries like Mexico, Chile, and El Salvador benefit from these sales and donations by providing them with easy access to everyday necessities that they may find themselves lacking.

We strive to serve as a reliable provider for people all across the world by buying and selling your donations. Instead of throwing any extra or excess stock out, sell your items to us with the reassurance that they will be improving someone’s life at a low price. Our mission is to sell quality and unique items to people in need while understanding and learning all about our customers’ wants and requirements.


When we sell the used goods from customers like you to companies within countries in need, we are confident that they are being put to good use and are making a worthwhile impact on someone’s life. Selling used clothing, shoes, accessories, and homeware to companies in need is a reassurance that no usable product is going to waste and that every item gets a home in a grateful individual or family.

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Rags 4 less is a used clothing brokerage supplying a large selection of Used Clothing. We buy & sell Mix Rags, Credential Clothing, Small Bales, Used Shoes, Belts & Purses, Soft Toys, Hard Toys, Accessories, & Brick-a-Brac.

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Credential Clothing

The journey for credential clothing begins once people go through their closets and bag up their unwanted clothing

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Mixed Rags

Mixed rags or institutional rags can be store returns (not suited for thrift stores) or original donated clothing.

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Small Bales

Small Bales contain usable condition of clothes and are sold at reduced prices as compare to credential and institutional clothing.

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Mixed Shoes

This category includes paired shoes of all sizes for men, women and children. Pairs are held together by the laces or rubber bands.

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Stock Lots

We have access to overstock, shelf pulls, and customer returns from Major U.S. Retailers: Toys R Us, Macy’s, Target.

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B Quality Shoes

Semi-Used Athletic shoes are a subset of used shoes and are also called Mud Runs. These are usually gently worn.

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Soft Toys

Toys are categorized into 2 sub categories comprised of both hard toys and soft toys of small and medium sizes.

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Hard Toys

Toys are categorized into 2 sub categories comprised of both hard toys and soft toys of small and medium sizes.

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Bags Category includes but are not limited to handbags, purses, wallets, school bags, sports bags, duffel bags, travel bags and tote bags.

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Store Return Clothing

These are clothing items returned by customers that the store does not want to sell anymore.

Contact us

Interested in buying or selling used goods with us? For details or inquiries, email us at info@rags4less.com or call 888-944-6181.