About Rags4less

Globally Supporting Charites & Communities

Our Mission is to buy and sell quality unique items to people in need, while serving our local community and leaving behind a positive carbon footprint. Join us and together we can change the world one donation at a time.

Rags 4 Less is a recycling company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our expertise is partnering with non-profit organizations, charities, and thrift stores to help them generate extra revenue from the donations they receive daily.

Rags 4 Less was founded on believing in the genuine act of one person’s kindness. The simple act of kindness can transcend into a life changing experience for another human being, whether it is local or abroad. By partnering with local charities, we help support their greater causes from a local level.

Rags 4 Less is a for-profit organization and all the donations sold to us are then sold to distribution companies in 3rd world countries. Millions of people from developing economies like Africa, Mexico, Chile, and El Salvador benefit from these sales and donations. It provides them with easier access to everyday necessities they may not have access to or find themselves lacking. These simple acts of kindness and giving makes our world a better place for everyone to live in and prosper.


When we sell the used goods from customers like you to companies within countries in need, we are confident that they are being put to good use and are making a worthwhile impact on someone’s life. Selling used clothing, shoes, accessories, and homeware to companies in need is a reassurance that no usable product is going to waste and that every item gets a home in a grateful individual or family.



Non-profit organizations often receive an abundance of second-hand clothing. Many times, the collections can be overwhelming even on a weekly or monthly basis. There is, however; a SILVER LINING! Extra REVENUE, for what is important to you, YOUR CAUSE! By partnering with our team, together we can purge millions of pounds of gently used textiles from our landfills each year. Together we can take pride in our ability to create new jobs at home and abroad. It is our calling to help those in need and by working TOGETHER we can touch many lives. We can ALL take comfort in knowing our efforts are leaving behind a unique and a surprisingly small carbon footprint.


Based on your location, the monthly weight produced, and the quality of the donations, we are looking to buy container loads of baled or loose textiles.

Live Loads & Drop Container Options

Thrift Stores or Missions in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex or a 50-mile radius is considered local, since our warehouse is in Irving, Texas. The following options are available for local, domestic and international shipping.

1. Pup Tuck: Local & Domestic
Standards: Capacity:
Length: 28 feet Max Weight @ 28 ft Length:
Width: 96 - 102 inches 22,000 lbs.
Height: 12.5 - 13.5 feet Max Pallets @ 28 ft:
Door Type: Swing Door/Roller Door (varies by carrier) 14 pallets
2. 53 Foot Container: Local & Domestic
Standards: Capacity:
Length: 53 feet Max Weight @ 53 ft Length:
Width: 102 inches 35,000 lbs.
Height: 8.5 feet Max Pallets @ 53 ft:
Door Type: Swing Door Capacity 26
3. 40-Foot-High Cube Container: Domestic & International
Standards: Capacity:
Length: 40 feet Max Weight @ 40 ft Length:
Width: 98 - 102 inches 71,390 lbs.
Height: 8.5 to 9.6 feet Max Pallets @ 40 ft:
Door Type: Swing Door Capacity 20 to 21

our products

Rags 4 less is a used clothing brokerage supplying a large selection of Used Clothing. We buy & sell Mix Rags, Credential Clothing, Small Bales, Used Shoes, Belts & Purses, Soft Toys, Hard Toys, Accessories, & Brick-a-Brac.

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Credential Clothing

These are donations coming straight from the donors closet to us. They are untouched and have NOT been processed or sorted through the Thrift Store.

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Quality Mixed Rags

Quality is key, and we are willing to pay top price for them. There should be minimum amount of damage to these items. We are not wanting items that have been torn, broken or has stains on them. The items we are wanting should be in good condition with sale tags still attached and sorted bright colors.

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Small Bales

Small Bales contain usable condition of clothes and are sold at reduced prices as compare to credential and institutional clothing.

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Institutional Paired Shoes

These are paired shoes in good contention. We are not interested in torn or worn out shoes. We are not looking for high heels or winter boots. What we consider to be Credential Paired shoes are athletic sneakers, driving shoes, and children shoes.

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Credential Shoes

We are looking to purchase container loads of untouched paired shoes. These are donated shoes that have not been sorted and have not cycled through the Thrift Store.

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B Quality Shoes

Semi-Used Athletic shoes are a subset of used shoes and are also called Mud Runs. These are usually gently worn.

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Soft & Hard Toys

Soft Toys need to be in good shape without tears or stains. Hard Toys need to be under 12 inches and in working condition.

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Institutional or Credential Baled Linens

We can buy these items by the container load. We are interested in buying bedsheets, comforters, and blankets. These items also need to be reasonably clean with no holes or stains. We do not take pillows or mattresses.

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Purses, Bags, Luggage, Belts, Hats & Ball Caps

These items also need to be in good condition and able to resale. Purses, bags, luggage and belts should not have broken straps or zippers. Name brands are always welcomed but we are not interested in hats or ball caps with local sport team’s logos, event related, or advertisement featured on them.

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Store Return Clothing

These are clothing items returned by customers that the store does not want to sell anymore.

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Store Pulled Mixed Rags

These items have already circulated through the Thrift Store and includes the stores sales tag. They are pulled straight from the Thrift Store sales floor. We are NOT looking for the Thrift Stores’ rejects.

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Single Shoes

We are interested in purchasing single shoes in any style or size.

Contact us

Interested in buying or selling used goods with us? For details or inquiries, email us at info@rags4less.com or call 888-944-6181.